Tile flooring makes a difference

There are many ways to use tile in a home remodel, including tile flooring and tile backsplash options in kitchens and bathrooms. The same tile used for flooring can be used for wall tile, but this process doesn’t work in reverse. Here are a few more facts that will be important to you as you prepare to create the perfect remodel.

Tile for flooring

Flooring is an everyday use for all kinds of tile, which helps create a stunning visual in any room, with color, shape, size, style, and texture, to name a few options. It's a durable choice, even in your busiest areas, and offers tile flooring lifespans of more than 50 years with professional installation and regular upkeep. If you’re looking for the perfect option for underfloor heating, this is it, and you can add softness and comfort with a few well-placed runners or area rugs.

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Backsplash tiles

A backsplash tile can be the visual element that pulls your entire kitchen décor together, with attractive options for any home. For example, some homeowners only want a backsplash behind the stove, but it can also be a fantastic addition behind counters and sinks. For the best moisture, grease, and scratch proof, ask which backsplash tile products will work best for requirements in this space.

Use tile for floors and backsplashes for matching décor

Using tile products for flooring and backsplashes can help create a beautiful décor match that can highlight specific designs, colors, or patterns in your bathroom or kitchen. Leave them simplistic and neutral, or go with bold colors and designs for unique, one-of-a-kind appearance options. Whatever your choice, you'll find a tile product to meet your need.
Tile from Hampton, VA from Just Floored

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